NNN Properties

Comprehensive Appraisal of NNN Properties in California


At PM Appraisal, we offer specialized services for a broad spectrum of commercial real estate categories. One such category is the NNN or triple-net properties – an investment type that carries its own set of unique characteristics and considerations. With our extensive experience and deep market knowledge, we provide precise, reliable, and unbiased appraisals for NNN properties, supporting our clients’ investment decisions with data-driven insights.

Understanding the NNN Property Category

NNN or triple-net properties are a type of lease agreement where the tenant, apart from the rent, also agrees to pay real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance costs. These properties are popular among investors seeking a passive investment with predictable, long-term income and limited landlord responsibilities.

The value of a NNN property largely depends on the terms of the lease, the creditworthiness of the tenant, the property’s location, and the property’s condition. A long-term lease with a creditworthy tenant, such as a national retailer, can significantly enhance the property’s value.

Types of NNN Properties

NNN properties can span across various commercial real estate sectors. Here are some common types of NNN properties:

  1. Retail Properties: These can include standalone stores, shopping centers, or restaurants. Tenants may be national brands or local businesses.
  2. Office Buildings: Single-tenant office buildings may be leased on a triple-net basis, with tenants ranging from corporate entities to government agencies.
  3. Industrial Facilities: These can include warehouses, distribution centers, or manufacturing facilities leased by a single tenant.
  4. Medical Facilities: These may include medical offices, clinics, or other healthcare facilities.
  5. Auto Services: This category includes properties like car washes, auto repair shops, or oil change businesses.
  6. Banks: Many banks lease their locations on a NNN basis.
  7. Drug Stores: National pharmacy chains often operate on NNN leases.
  8. Fitness Centers: This category includes gyms, yoga studios, and other fitness-oriented businesses.
  9. Convenience Stores/Gas Stations: These properties often operate under NNN leases and can have national brands as tenants.

Best Ways to Appraise NNN Properties

Appraising NNN properties involves several approaches to ensure accurate value estimation. Here are the best ways to appraise these properties:

  1. Income Capitalization Approach: Given that NNN properties are income-producing, this approach is often the most applicable. It involves estimating the net operating income and applying an appropriate capitalization rate.
  2. Sales Comparison Approach: This involves comparing the subject property with similar NNN properties that have recently sold in the same market. Adjustments may be made for differences in factors such as location, size, condition, lease terms, and tenant creditworthiness.
  3. Lease Analysis: Reviewing the lease agreement is crucial as the terms, rent escalations, lease duration, and tenant creditworthiness can significantly impact the property’s value.
  4. Market Analysis: Understanding the broader market conditions, such as local and regional economic trends, supply and demand dynamics, and comparable rental rates, can provide additional insights into the property’s value.

At PM Appraisal, we leverage these techniques to provide a comprehensive, reliable, and accurate appraisal of your NNN properties. With our in-depth analysis and understanding of NNN lease structures and market dynamics, our clients can make informed decisions about their commercial real estate investments.