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Appraisal is what we do. Unlike most sites you will find that simply just forward your information to the right type of appraiser; we are the actual appraisers. Trusted by thousands for 43+ years.

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We're Not An Assembly Line for Bank and Mortgage Companies

PM Appraisal is a family-owned enterprise that has been faithfully serving our esteemed clients for nearly four decades. Unlike many appraisal firms that depend heavily on large banks and mortgage companies, we prioritize our clients above all.

Many appraisal firms are inundated with orders from institutional clients, leading to two significant issues:

1. Your business may not receive the attention it deserves due to the volume of orders these firms handle. This often results in subpar service characterized by missed calls, extended turnaround times, overlooked deadlines, and unreliable appraisals.

2. These firms are often pressured to produce rapid results at the lowest possible cost, leading to a production-line approach that compromises the quality and accuracy of appraisals.

At PM Appraisal, we choose a different path. We focus on building long-term relationships with private clients, private money lenders, and boutique banks who value high-quality service and accurate appraisals. When you reach out to us, you’ll speak directly with the appraiser handling your report, ensuring your questions are answered promptly and accurately. We’re committed to providing you with the personalized, reliable service you deserve

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We Answer The Phone We Answer The Phone When you call, text, or email you will be talking directly with the appraiser that is doing your report. You will always get answers to any questions you may have in a very reasonable time frame.

We Accept Rush Jobs We have some of the best turn around times you will find in the industry (approx 7-10 days). We also perform rush jobs for an additional fee to help push through those tricky deals where timing is of utmost importance

We Produce Quality Reports We only produce high quality narrative reports. We regularly hear from new clients that they found out about us because they were impressed by how accurate and detailed a report was that happened to cross their desk.

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Uncovering the true value of your commercial property with precision, accuracy, and expertise

Our team of experienced appraisers uses cutting-edge technology and market research to provide in-depth analysis of your commercial property. Trust us to deliver a comprehensive and reliable appraisal report that accurately reflects the true value of your investment

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